About Zone2Review.com

What does Zone2Review.com do?

We review the best podcasts, documentaries, audiobooks and other media and to pair with (mostly) zone 2 workouts. We don’t produce content other than reviews and we don’t coach athletes.

What’s Zone 2

In simple terms (it gets much more technical) a zone 2 workout is where you are working out aerobically instead of anaerobically. Your heart rate is below your “aerobic threshold” and you can sustain the workout for a much longer period of time than if you pushed up into zones 3 or 4. One test is whether you can hold a conversation while exercising. In zone 1 or 2 you can, as you enter zone 3 your breathing starts to make that harder to do.

If you are training endurance you will most likely spend the bulk of your training time in zone 1 or 2, saving more intense efforts for once or twice a week.

Do you need to be distracted?

Absolutely not! There are times when you will definitely want to focus on being 100% present in the moment, and there are other times when a little distraction goes a long way. For example:

  • Cueing up a podcast can help you get psyched for a long run outside on a dreary day or when motivation is low.
  • An inspiring documentary can make a treadmill run fly by when circumstances dictate you need to work out inside.
  • A guided video workout can help you add some intensity and educate you on technique
  • Point of View (POV) video or race coverage works well on a second screen if you are following a workout e.g. TrainerRoad.

How to find quality content to go with workouts?

Zone2Review.com seeks to solve the problem of time wasted searching the Internet, your TV Guide, your podcast player, your audiobook service… for what you need in the moment.


The website has a filter that will help you quickly narrow down the selection so you can pick from a hand-curated and reviewed set options that fit your needs. For example you can search by watch/listen/read, by recommended activity, by featured sport, by featured athlete, and via all kinds of tags.

If you find more than you can handle in the moment you can easily add items to your own list of bookmarks so you can find them even faster next time (registration required).


There’s no required equipment. You can use whatever you have access to.

kudos to the athletes, brands & producers

We don’t create content, we just hand-pick and review the best stuff out there and try to make it easy for people to find it and use it. All credit for good content goes to the amazing athletes, the brands that support them financially, and the producers that put it all together. We’d like to see more dollars go towards funding these creators and the awesome content they make.

Get in touch

Zone2Review.com launched as Slipstream (slpstream.com) in May 2019. We are constantly adding new content and features. Please get in touch with any comments, requests or content recommendations. We encourage user feedback to help us improve the service.