Slipstream was built to make it quicker and easier to find high-quality workout inspiration videos, podcasts, guided workouts, audiobooks and more.

Instead of wasting your precious high-productivity time going down an Internet rabbit-hole looking for a bike intervals workout, or checking YouTube suggestions, Netflix recommendations, searching Amazon Prime, SalomonTV, Red Bull… You can head to slpstream.com and use our filter to quickly find our picks from all the top providers to motivate you to get that workout done.

We also want to help promote the athletes and brands that are putting out great content. If we can help get that content in front of more people who will appreciate it we’re psyched. We hope it will encourage the sponsors to keep supporting those athletes and backing projects that create great content.

No, Slipstream itself is completely free to use. You do not have to pay a subscription, there are no hidden charges or premium subscriber-only sections.

We find the best content from all over the Internet and make it easy for you to get to what you need by using our filter.

Some of the content we feature is available for free on services like YouTube, Vimeo or blogs, other content is only accessible on subscription-only services like Netflix, and some content has to be purchased or rented from the likes of iTunes or Amazon.

You can filter by “access type” so you only see content on the platforms you choose. For example if I have a Netflix subscription already I can check boxes for “free” and “subscription > Netflix” to see all everything I get without paying any extra.

We are device and equipment independent. Use whatever you want to. There’s no special device you need to have or have to buy from us. If you have a smartphone and a set of headphones you are good to go. Use our filter to find a great podcast or audiobook and head out for a long run.

Treadmills are great for people with kids (run while they nap) or anywhere that has challenging outdoor conditions when you are free to run (too cold, too hot, too dark) but we don’t require you buy one or that you get any proprietary technology.

You can use Slipstream in tandem with your bike trainer/Trainer Road set up. Follow the intervals on your laptop and use a second screen (TV, tablet, phone?) to distract yourself from dwelling on how many efforts are left by watching an inspiring documentary.

If you love to spin and have access to a stationary bike or Peloton bike you can use Slipstream on your phone or tablet as an alternative or complement to premium subscription classes.

If you are logged in you can add any content on the site to the MyList page so you can build a personalized playlist to save favorites and return to later.

We’ve tried to make the registration process as painless as possible.

  1. Go to the registration page.
  2. Enter your email and a password.
  3. Check your email for a confirmation from us and click the link in it.
  4. Log in to Slipstream.

After that you just have to make sure you are logged in (most browsers will save your login info to make it quick and easy to log back in) and then you can bookmark content.

There are two ways to add content to MyList:

  1. Hover over the featured image for the item and look for the clock-like watch later button (free YouTube content) or the bookmark button (everything else), click that and it will go on your playlist in MyList on Slipstream.
  2. Look for the clock-like watch later button or the bookmark button in the dark background heading section, under the main image or player. Click that and it will go on your playlist in MyList on Slipstream.

We are philosophically opposed to behavioral data tracking for advertising.

We do track page views, basic location data (to the city level), time on site, most visited pages, all standard analytics data. We do not track your GPS location to within meters or follow you around the internet with trackers looking to see what you buy or search for next so we can sell that data to advertisers.

If we do sell advertising we are only interested in selling contextual advertising which means that if you filter your Slipstream search to “running” as featured sport, we could offer a contextual ad placement in the form of a promoted post to a running shoe company. We might add a geographic data element to that so if the shoes are only available in the US you don’t see that ad if you are coming from the UK.

The important thing is that contextual ads won’t follow you around the internet and we won’t suck up and sell your purchasing behavior on the next few sites you visit.

We feel that contextual advertising is adequate to meet both the advertisers’ need to reach qualified leads and for the user to see only relevant and hopefully useful advertising.

We don’t think it benefits anyone to harvest your off-site search or purchase history. For more on this please read the Wikipedia page on Do No Track Legislation.

Eventually we plan to sell contextual ads similar to the “Promoted Post” style you might see on Instagram, Reddit or Pinterest. We want to keep it high quality and useful to both the brand and the user.

In order to get to the point where we can sell limited contextual advertising we have to grow our audience. That means that if you find this site useful and want it to keep going you could help us all out by telling a friend or two 🙂

In addition to advertising we also use affiliate links which provide a small commission for any purchases made by users following a link on our site.

We are philosophically against behavioral advertising (ads that follow you around and track your off-site behavior) and won’t sell your email address to spam listers.