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Don’t waste your precious workout time searching every channel for inspiring content. Slipstream provides an efficient way to quickly find,  filter and save your own list of the best endurance sports documentaries, podcasts, audiobooks, guided workouts, and race videos.

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  • We find and test the best endurance sports content for workout inspiration.
  • Documentaries for easy miles on the treadmill, POV cycling footage to go with your indoor bike trainer intervals, podcasts and audiobooks for outdoor runs.

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Use Any Equipment

You don’t need to buy a $2,000 indoor bike trainer to use Slipstream but if you have one already that works too.

You can use any equipment from a budget trainer and a smartphone to a top of the line pain cave set up.

Take your tablet to the gym or connect to the screens there.

Or just grab your headphones + phone and head out for an aerobic base-building run with a great podcast or audiobook.

If you already pay for Netflix or Amazon Prime, Audible or any other subscription service then you just click on the link and it will send you directly to the content with no further searching required.

Got TrainerRoad? Slipstream mixes well and doesn’t add any extra expense.

Cue up some GoPro POV footage of a UCI Elite CX race and power through your TrainerRoad interval session with contextual and inspiring distraction.

For Zwift and Peloton subscribers Slipstream offers a window to something different for those times when you want to step out of the virtual world or studio.

Are you kidding?! This is amazing! I love watching docs and am always looking for other treadmill inspiration. Can’t wait to explore this more!!!

– Strava Member

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