Apple AirPods

Apple brings back customer delight with this product. They are a pleasure to use and truly improve the workout experience for me, A significant upgrade from wired headphones.

  1. The experience of handling the case and wearing the AirPods is enjoyable and unfussy. It’s a net positive in that they aren’t just good headphones, it’s actually pleasurable to handle them.
  2. When running on a treadmill there’s no longer the danger of your hand swinging down and snagging on the headphone cord, yanking your device onto the ground and pulling on your ears. Your arms can swing freely and worry free.
  3. The audio chime that you hear when you put on the AirPods has something of an “on-button” effect. I feel ready to go get something done.
  4. If someone calls while you are out running or working out indoors the mic is excellent and it’s easy to take a quick call.
  5. The bluetooth range is great if you step off the bike trainer and go to a nearby spot to perform reps, stretch, foam roll. You can leave your device in one place and continue with the audio without having to keep picking it up and setting it down or sticking your phone in your sweaty waistband while you work on your pull ups.

My AirPods are now a key part of my workout set up. They definitely make it easier and more of a positive experience both getting ready to go and during the workout itself.

The only negative so far is that I sometimes lose track of where I put the airpods or the charging case. I think I just need to only put them down in one or two specific places so it’s easy to find them again.

Outside of workouts I love my AirPods for chores. Folding laundry, cleaning the kitchen, and office busy work are all more fun and achievable with AirPods and something good to listen to.

I haven’t tested any other wireless headphones but I can recommend these for sure.

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