You Can’t Hurt Me by David Goggins

This is an extraordinary story on many levels. Fundamentally it’s a story of how to deal with adversity and achieve a positive outcome. Highly recommended for long runs outside when you need some extra motivation to make it happen.

Goggins starts by describing a very difficult childhood with an extra helping of personal tragedy, finding himself in something of a dead-end situation as an adult and then incredibly willing and sweating his way out of it against almost impossible odds.

His goal with this book is to arm people with the truths and tools that helped him so that we can improve ourselves.

The book is incredibly motivating and ideal for listening to on long runs. A 12-mile run transforms into a relaxing warm up when compared with what Goggins is putting himself through in most chapters of the book.

We recommend you choose the audiobook version. Not only can you take it with you on long runs but you also benefit from additional content. The audiobook is narrated by Goggins’s collaborator/ghost writer Adam Skolnick but at the end of each chapter he and Goggins chat about what just happened in the story and there are lots of additional insights here that aren’t in the regular book.

Two caveats:

  1. Goggins curses/swears constantly. If you don’t like hearing F bombs maybe skip this book. Bear in mind he’s a Navy SEAL and he speaks in the language of the drill instructor.
  2. We 100% do not recommend you follow Goggins’s training, sleep or nutrition as described in this book. If you are considering running ultras please increase training volume slowly to avoid “too much, too soon, too fast” injuries which are common. Also sleep research is showing how important it is that we get enough sleep, for short term performance and especially for longevity.

“David Goggins is a being of pure will and inspiration. Just listening to this guy talk makes you want to run up a mountain. I firmly believe people like him can change the course of the world just by inspiring us to push harder and dig deeper in everything we do. His goal to be ‘uncommon amongst uncommon people’ is something we can all use to propel ourselves to fulfill our true potential. I’m a better man having met him.”
–Joe Rogan, Standup Comedian and Host of the Joe Rogan Experience Podcast

Read or listen to it for inspiration and to reset your perception of what’s humanly possible.






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