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GUIDED RUNS Day 1 Become a Runner | Run, Selfie, Repeat

This podcast has a series of guided runs for beginners that will take you from no running to completing a 5K.

Anyone can be a runner, it just takes time, effort, and commitment. Having a plan to follow helps a lot and Kelly Roberts will encourage, distract and coach you through your first run in the podcast we’ve recommended here.

If this one works for you you can find the rest of the guided runs in the 8-week program on her podcast and at the end she’ll help you finish a 5K distance.

I really appreciate Kelly’s approachable style. She doesn’t patronize, she’s totally authentic and super encouraging, it’s like having a running buddy and coach in your ear, on your side and non-judgmental.

If you decide to start running with Kelly’s guided run podcast our recommendation is that you make sure you start with a comfortable pair of running shoes that fit you well. A cotton t-shirt works, you don’t need to buy a whole new kit to get started. One tactic is to set yourself a goal of completing two weeks of runs and treat yourself to a new piece of kit as a reward.

Good luck and enjoy the run and Kelly’s friendly and encouraging guidance!

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