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Jay Dicharry: Small Workouts, Big Changes – R4R 170 | The Running for Real Podcast

Jay Dicharry, MPT, SCS is a physical therapist and sports clinical specialist focused on helping endurance-athletes optimize performance.

Tina Muir (the host) is a former elite runner who represented Team GB and has a 2:36 marathon PB.

This podcast is perfect for an easy run so you can pay attention to the expertise shared in the interview.

Dicharry explains why it’s so important to strengthen our feet and make sure we have appropriate shoes. In short, having strong and flexible feet will affect the rest of your body and help prevent injury. There’s a lot of detail to absorb though so be sure to listen to Dicharry explain the details of why and how.

On the topic of shoes Dicharry cautions that runners should beware of being labelled a pronator or supinator and directed to hyper-controlling shoes that completely prevent that motion. “Everyone needs to pronate and supinate, period… Feet need to move, they are dynamic structures” – Jay Dicharry

There’s some great info in this podcast and it should interest anyone who wants to optimize their running and avoid injury.

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