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Kara Goucher: An Olympian Tackling New Adventures | For the Long Run Podcast

Jonathan Levitt talks to Olympian Kara Goucher about running the Leadville 50K in 2019 and the new mental and physical challenges that came with that.

Kara is wonderfully frank and detailed in her description of her feelings during and after the race. She talks about her experience with therapy, which she started aged four when her father passed away. They discussion training and preparation for trail running at altitude and with elevation gain and how it differs from what she has done previously.

Super helpful to listen to an elite athlete talk about nerves, imposter syndrome, feeling like you want to quit a race, negative self-talk, and positive affirmation and confidence as well.

This is a great podcast for a long run or for a warm-up/cool down before/after a track session, or even for a recovery jog.

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