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Off the Couch | Filmmaker, Sanjay Rawal, on the World’s Longest Race (Ep.2)

Highly recommended for a run outside. Whether as part of your long run or for a recovery session.

Learn about the running movie 3100 Run and Become and deep dive into why we run and how it can make us better people.

Filmmaker Sanjay Rawal talks of running as meditation, running as prayer and as a source of bliss.

On how can running make you a better person:

“It makes you a better person if you want it to… If that’s your goal in running that’s what you’ll get out of it.” – SR

“It’s making me feel better about myself. The better attitude I have towards myself, the better attitude I’m going to have towards my life and my loved ones and my friends.” – SR

This is an inspiring discussion with a lot of thought-provoking moments.

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