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The Stokecast | EP61: Becoming an Uphill Athlete (Part 1) with Steve House & Scott Johnston

The Stokecast hosts Jonathan Ronzio and Emily Holland interview Steve House and Scott Johnston authors of the books Training for the Uphill Athlete and Training for the New Alpinism.

We learn about how the authors became athletes and what drew them to their sports: Steve House a world-renowned climber and Scott Johnston a swimmer, top nordic skier and then climber.

They talk about how their paths converged and the genesis of their coaching business and get into detail about the training protocols they teach their athletes and write about in their books.

At just under an hour this is a great podcast for an easy run or to listen to while doing chores. You’ll be inspired for sure.

There’s a second follow up episode where the interviewers ask the authors for advice regarding training for the events they have coming up – an ultra run and a climbing objective.

We’ve reviewed Training for the Uphill Athlete and it’s highly recommended for anyone training for an objective or who wants to understand the processes by which the metabolism adapts to training stimuli.

For more on this topic check out the endurance training science tag.

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