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It's as quick and painless a login process as we can make it. Just follow these steps:

  1. Go to the registration page to sign up.
  2. Enter your email and a password. A confirmation email will be sent to your email address
  3. Check your email for the confirmation and click on the link in it.
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  5. To add free YouTube content to your personal playlist, hover over the image for the video you are interested in, you'll see a clock-like "watch now" icon on the bottom right hand side. Click that and the video will be saved to your playlist.
  6. To save a premium video or any other content like a podcast or book, hover over the image and look for the bookmark icon, click it and the item will be added to your MyList page.
  7. Head back to this page and you will see your bookmarked favorites below.


Video Playlist

Just like the watch later function on YouTube and Vimeo, any free-to-watch videos that you added to your playlist can be played here. To add a video to your playlist hover over the video and look for the clock-type icon. Click that and the video will be added to this list. Then you can pick the video you want to watch from your list of saved videos or hit the button below to auto-play all. To delete a video, over over the image and a trash can icon appears. Click that to delete from the playlist.

There aren't any videos yet!

Other Bookmarks

External links to subscription services (such as Netflix and Amazon) as well as any bookmarked podcasts, books, audiobooks, articles... anything that's not a free-to-watch video will show up here. Just click on the one you want to play to link to the content. To add video/audio/text to your playlist hover over the item's image and look for the bookmark icon. Click on that and the item will be added to this area on your MyList page.