Tuckerman Inferno Race Report – Andrew Drummond

An inspiring and comprehensive report of what it takes to compete in the Tuckerman Inferno Pentathlon.

The race at Mount Washington in New Hampshire USA consists of:

  • 8.3 mile (600ft elevation gain) run
  • 5.5 mile kayak on the Saco River ( 200ft total elevation drop) 2-3 class II rapids sections
  • 18.2 mile road bike (2,000ft elevation gain)
  • 3 mile hike or skin (2,268ft elevation gain) up the Tuckerman Ravine Trail on Mount Washinton
  • Variable distance (according to snow conditions) downhill ski/snowboard course to finish.

Andrew Drummond has won the race 5 times so far. Here’s his race report from 2016.


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