100 Miles to 40 (Documentary: A Journey to the Western States Endurance Run)

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Released in 2010 this 64 minute documentary is perfect for an hour-long treadmill run. The film follows Michelle Halsne, a lifelong runner, mom and business-owner who has a dream of completing the Western States 100 for her 40th birthday.

The film is a very authentic runner’s journey. A lofty goal, tough days getting training done, missed sessions due to life getting in the way, disappointment, injury, challenge. Where some stories of elites setting record times may feel hard to get a handle on, this story, while still astonishing in the scale of the challenge, is more accessible. Michelle is juggling family and work with her running goals and that’s relatable for most runners.

Michelle’s tenacity is super impressive and it’s humbling to watch what she goes through in the 64 minutes where you might run 5-10 miles on the treadmill. Whatever your pace, it’ll feel relatively easy compared to her effort.

If you are interested in a follow up, without giving away what happens, here are some further reading links:


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