60 Minute Virtual Cycling Workout | Saarland-France | HDCycling

This kind of video is ideal for:

  • TrainerRoad users – set up a second screen in your pain cave and distract yourself with beautiful French roads and scenery.
  • Parents squeezing in a run while the baby/toddler naps – transport yourself to another country and experience a beautiful outdoor environment.
  • Anyone who likes to zone out to music during their indoor sessions. Crank your playlist and take a trip to France on your screen.
  • Zwift users who want some real-life scenery for a change. Nothing wrong with a second screen!
  • Peloton owners looking for a change of scene. Run this on your ipad or big screen for a break from the studio format.
  • People recovery from injury. Boost your motivation with a virtual ride in France.
  • Anyone working out indoors in the dark and/or in the depths of winter. Combat SAD disorder with some France. And maybe a sun lamp too!

HDCycling makes awesome POV (Point of View) cycling videos in various destinations and following different routes. This could also work for treadmill running if you want to feel really fast.

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