Life in a Day | The Western States 100 Mile Endurance Run | Billy Yang Films

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Billy Yang Films brings us this amazing fly on the wall opportunity to learn about the Western States 100 and follow along with four amazing athletes.

The film runs for just over 1 hour so it’s ideal for an hour session base-building, recovery, or perhaps even tempo running on the treadmill.

The beautiful cinematography will bring the sunshine and epic terrain to you, so it’s great for spicing up an otherwise boring environment in a basement/gym/dark/cold hours.

If you are already a fan of ultra running or curious about why people do it, what kind of people do it, what goes into preparing for a race like this, training, crewing and mental prep, it’s a great window into the scene. Inspiring for any runner.

The title “Life in a Day” refers to the ups and downs experienced by the runners in a race this long and challenging. There’s bad luck, good luck, being let down by your crew, injury, illness, and other external factors that the athletes have no control of. How they cope with these challenges is equally as important as how the running, nutrition and foot care goes.

Providing some background, there’s a deeper exploration into the challenges experienced by the runners in their lives and how running has helped them.

The film is available for free on YouTube but it is ad-supported so expect some ad breaks. You can usually skip after 5 seconds though.

Highly recommended for a treadmill run when you need some motivation.


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