Extra Long Indoor Cycling Workout Alsace France 4K Video | Indoor Cycling Videos

Got a long indoor trainer session planned? This 2-hour POV video will help ease the boredom and distract you as needed. Let your mind wander to the Alsace region of France, while your legs crank out the target wattage for your intervals.

The roads are smooth, the skies are blue and the sun is shining as you roll through French villages and beautiful countryside.

Garmin stats are onscreen so you can follow along with the incline and cadence and maybe even throw in an interval when the ads hit. Or you can set this up on a second screen and follow your TrainerRoad or other specific workout program.

Ideal for parents fitting in a session while the kids nap, for anyone working out in the dark or depths of winter. Also fun to take to a city gym and transport yourself to the countryside in another part of the world.

Let us know how you like to use these videos in the comments below.

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