Garmin Dirty Kanza 2019 – EF Gone Racing | Rapha Films

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Garmin Dirty Kanza 200 is a solo, self-supported, non-stop, 200-mile-long gravel bike race in Kansas USA.

The film follows Rapha and EF Education First Pro Cycling team members: Alex Howes, Lachlan Morton and Taylor Phinney; world tour riders taking on the challenge of 200 miles on gravel carrying their own snacks.

This the first race in their “alternative calendar” designed by Rapha and EF to “expand the sport’s horizons to make it a more engaging and entertaining prospect for all.”

This film would pair well with a warm up spin before a workout or as part of a longer playlist to entertain you during an indoor session on the bike trainer or treadmill.

Find out what it takes to ride the Dirty Kanza and get inspired for gravel riding adventures.

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