GCN | HIIT Indoor Cycling Workout | 55 Minute FTP Threshold Intervals

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Featuring POV footage of a ride up the Passo Giau in Alta Badia in the Dolomites, this workout is led by World Time Trial Champion and Olympic silver medalist Emma Pooley and former pro cyclist James Lowsley-Williams.

This session starts with a warm up then 2 x 20 minute blocks of Zone 4/Zone 3 on and off intervals with a recovery period in the middle. The workout is designed to “help to raise your aerobic capacity and overall functional threshold power.”

Having two pros do the workout with you helps so much with motivation. They do a great job of explaining the workout and the fitness gains it is designed for. There’s also a lot of banter that keeps it light and draws you in to a feeling of camaraderie, as if you are all doing the workout together as a team in real time.

It’s a compelling format and perfect for improving/maintaining bike fitness in inclement weather or when you just want consistent efforts without having to cope with traffic, wind etc. Also great for endurance athletes looking for a cross-training option or a fitness boost while rehabbing an injury that needs to be kept from impact such as running.

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