GCN Indoor Cycling Workout | Sufferfest 20 Minute Session

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Written by Neal Henderson of The Sufferfest, this 20 minute indoor bike training session works as a warm-up for a longer workout or as a standalone session when you haven’t got much time.

The GCN presenters are ex-pro cyclists: Manon Lloyd (double European junior champion in 2014) and Chris Opie.

If you are new to indoor bike workouts here’s some info that might help:

  1. You can do the workout on a spin/stationary/indoor bike (the kind you might see at a gym) or on a road bike on rollers or on a road bike attached to a trainer (like a Wahoo Kickr).
  2. You do not need to have a power meter, cadence display, heart rate monitor or any metrics. The presenters and graphics lead you through the workout so you can do it on feel.
  3. It is helpful if you can adjust the tension on the bike (effort level) but most indoor bikes have a dial you can turn to increase the friction on the wheel and make the effort harder.
  4. Cadence = how fast you are turning the pedals
  5. Effort level = how hard the work feels out of 10
  6. Threshold = the effort you could maintain for an hour long race
  7. Bring a towel and a full bottle of water, if you have a fan or open window/garage door that can help with temperature management too. It gets sweaty!
  8. If you are on an indoor/spin bike and you have small kids block off the space around the front wheel and pedals. It is hard to stop the momentum of the pedals and they can be dangerous to toddlers who appear next to you.
  9. If in doubt start on the easier side of your effort level estimates. If it’s too easy you can always increase the effort.
  10. If you are using this for cross-training while training intensively for another sport e.g. running a marathon, consider stepping the effort down by a % so that you don’t overdo it and compromise recovery before your next hard run day.

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