GCN Indoor Training | Muscular Endurance | Passo Falzarego

Virtual ride-along with two ex-pros on trainers in a studio and POV video from the Passo Falzarego in the Alta Badia region in Italy.

This workout has 24 minutes of threshold effort in the form of 2 x 12 min intervals. Each 12 min interval has three sections: torque, cadence, and an out of saddle effort. All three keep you at threshold but you get to use different muscle groups to keep things interesting.

The combination of music, the virtual social proof of seeing the guys working hard on their trainers, and the beautiful POV video of the mountainous countryside of Italy combine to occupy your mind and lock you into the session.

I love these videos by GCN. I have been doing them on average once a week for about 6 years. For me there’s an element of brain auto-pilot. If I can just get myself to the stationary bike with water and a towel and cue up a GCN session then it’s almost like the auto-pilot goes on and I don’t have to do any executive thinking, all I have to do is focus on the next interval and doing it as best as I can. In moments of weakness I can distract myself from the remaining seconds in the interval by focusing on the POV footage: the hairpin turns, passing traffic, tunnels through the mountain, blue skies, green grass and incredible mountain scenery.

You don’t need an expensive bike, trainer, a power meter, heart rate monitor or cadence sensor. All that gear could be added but it’s not necessary. I purchased a stationary bike that was on sale for $250 and I have had many years of quality training out of it. The GCN videos talk you through going on feel. Efforts are rated out of 10 for how hard they should be and the presenters talk you though how hard it should feel.

Here’s my heart rate graph for a recent workout using this GCN video. There are some wrist HR monitor anomalies at the start but you can see the two intervals and recovery + cool down well-defined.heart rate graph



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