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32 minute award-winning documentary celebrating type 2 fun and a voyage across the Alps from Germany through Austria, Switzerland, Italy and France, to the Mediterranean Sea at Nice.

Max and Jochen set out to bikepack and ski their way across the Alps covering 1,800 km, 35,000 vertical meters over 6 weeks of continuous travel.

There’s some heavy duty uphill biking as the guys ride up passes laden with skis and everything they need for the trip strapped to their bikes.

Their ski objectives aren’t tame either and the ski mountaineering is legit and impressive.

Our recommendation is to enjoy this one with a warm up or recovery spin on an indoor bike, or maybe for an easy jog on the treadmill or uphill training on a stair-stepper.

Don’t forget to turn on the subtitles if you don’t speak German. Look for the CC button on the bottom right of the Vimeo player.

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