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Karl Meltzer, trail name “Speedgoat”, has won more 100-mile races than anyone else. In 2016 he attempted to set the FKT for the Appalachian Trail which was then held by ultra-runner Scott Jurek (who recounts his own 2015 attempt at the record in his book “North”).

This is a pretty intense film in that it starts by showing the hardship and suffering involved. If you need a boost you might do better to pick something with a more uplifting intro like: Life in a Day  On the other hand if you are working on your mental toughness you get a masterclass from Meltzer in this film as he keeps pushing on through an injury, deep blisters and exhaustion.

The AT scenery is awesome and the film does a great job of conveying the scale of the challenge and educating us about the culture and history of the trail.

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