Leadville Trail 100 2019 – EF Gone Racing | Rapha Films

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Rapha Films presents coverage of the 2019 Leadville 100 mountain bike trail race, focusing on two Rapha and EF Education First Pro Cycling Team riders: USA road race champion Alex Howes and GBDuro winner Lachlan Morton.

Expect to learn about how the Leadville race got started, to hear from the riders, why they are there, how it went down (there’s more interview footage than race riding), and to see some inspiring footage of racing on the course.

This is a high quality production that would be ideal for a spin before your workout or as one video in a playlist for a long indoor ride or run.

From the race organizers: “I can tell you what to do… I fire that shotgun to start the race and you put your nose on the handlebars and you start pedalling, and you keep pedalling until Merilee tells you to quit. That’ll be the finish line.”

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