Losing Sight of Shore

Four women attempt to row across the Pacific Ocean. Working in shifts – 2 hours rowing then 2 hours resting/other work, they are out at sea for days and days in storms, adverse currents, extreme heat. It’s an extraordinary undertaking both mentally and physically.

Would be a great watch on the rower if you have the right audio equipment to hear adequately above the noise of the machine. Also an excellent choice for treadmill runs and recovery or base training on the indoor bike.

Guaranteed to switch your mindset from any negativity about your day or getting your workout done, to extreme gratitude when you recognize how great it is to get off the rower/bike/treadmill, walk around, take a hot shower, eat real food and stretch out in a dry bed at night.

Where to Watch

At time of writing the film is available globally on Netflix (subscription), Amazon, and iTunes.


Watch Now on Netflix (Subscription Required)


Buy or Rent on Amazon (Not Available on Prime Video)


Also available for rent or purchase at iTunes.



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