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Kerry Ward is an ultramarathoner and adventurer. This video of his experience at the Moab 240 in 2017 (the same race that Courtney Dauwalter won 10 hours ahead of the first male finisher – her interview on the Joe Rogan Experience covers that amazing feat).

The video is 2 hours long so if you are marathon training and forced inside onto a treadmill by schedule, weather, or parenting then this would be an excellent choice for distracting and inspiring you through a 2 hour session.

The format of the video is minimalist, no fancy editing or graphics, but it gives a complete account of the whole experience from race prep, through the pre-start briefing, running at various stages, the finish and post-race thoughts. It’s real. So real you almost feel as though you have dust in your eyes and mouth after watching it. If you ever wondered what it would be like to run a race like this, here it is.

From our research to date we can’t find any sponsors or fundraising to support Ward’s adventures and video production costs. If anyone can update us with a Patreon/GoFundMe link or Sponsor to credit we’d like to add that here.


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