Roadless | A 10-Day Expedition Through Wyoming

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Roadless qualifies for inclusion here for two main reasons: 1. This expedition is solid type 2 fun. It’s fully human-powered, no helicopters, no snowmobiles, no lifts, just sweat and effort. 2. It’s a beautiful window to the wilderness which provides a mental boost if you are stuck indoors on a treadmill or similar.

Jones, Rice and Iguchi are snowboarding legends. In this movie they head out into the Wyoming wilderness for a 10-day mission to explore, ride new lines, and enjoy life on the trail together.

I watched it while running on a treadmill in my basement. I’m fortunate to have a large TV on a rolling stand so it really felt as though I was looking out of a window at a beautiful mountain scene.

The camaraderie puts a smile on your face and the epic snowboarding is transporting.

WARNING: I almost fell off the treadmill watching the POV on a Travis Rice run. He’s riding fast and gets super close to a tree – I involuntarily leaned to the right to try and turn and had to catch myself. Be careful!

Where to Watch

Free on Red Bull TV from March 17th 2020

Visit Teton Gravity Research for links to other ways to watch.

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