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Draw energy and inspiration from the best mountain runners taking on a stunning course in the Swiss Alps. If you have a run planned and weather, kids or other circumstances, mean that the treadmill is your best option, grab a screen and watch the Sierre-Zinal (click on the video above or scroll down for external links and a French language version).

This would be a good one for almost any workout: long easy pace run, recovery run, bike trainer session, stair stepper (transport yourself to the Swiss Alps!), injury rehab (but be careful not to get too hyped up and overdo it), intervals, tempo…

This is a long broadcast and the quality fluctuates somewhat. There’s commentary but you might want to add your own music.

Caveat: be sure to have a screen positioned such that your running posture isn’t negatively affected.

About the Race

The race was run on August 11th, 2019.

Location: Swiss Alps. Starts in Sierre ends in Zinal.

Distance: 31.6 km | 19.6 miles

Elevation gain: 2200 m |7,218 ft

History: 2019 is the 46th running. The race was started by Jean-Claude Pont, Dr. of Mathematics, Professor of “History and Philosophy of Science” at the University of Geneva and a certified Swiss mountain guide. He imagined a running event set in the spectacular mountains of Anniviers where people could “rediscover the virtues of physical effort and regain bodily fitness by taking on a unique running challenge”.

Known as: “The race of the 5 4000m peaks.” And “The New York Marathon of mountain races.”

Race Series: Sierre-Zinal is the 4th race in the 2019 Golden Trail Series

Where to Watch

Choose between the full replay embedded above (and links below) and the much shorter edited recap episode with athlete interviews and series context. Sierre Zinal Race Recap Golden Trail Series 24min (English).

Race coverage was provided live on YouTube and Facebook by the race organizers, the Golden Trail Series, and Salomon Running. It is now available as a full-length recording here:

Golden Trail Series YouTube Channel (English) – just click on the embedded video above on this page, then launch fullscreen mode

or use this external link to the Golden Trail Series YouTube Page.

If you need a French version find it on the Sierre-Zinal YouTube Page.

Who Raced the 2019 Sierre-Zinal?

Kilían Jornet ESP (Team Salomon) has won this race six times. The most famous mountain-runner/skimo racer is the man to beat. He stands 11th in the Golden Trail Series points ranking after winning the first race in the series – Zegama. He didn’t enter the Mont Blanc Marathon or the Dolomyths Run so it’ll be interesting to see if he can still challenge for the overall title.

Jim Walmsley USA (Team Hoka) hasn’t run any of the races in the Golden Trail Race Series but he is a serious threat to Jornet. He won the Western States 100 this year, beating the course record he set the year before by 21 minutes.

Davide Magnini ITA (Team Salomon) makes this race even more fascinating to watch. The 21-year-old mountain-runner and skimo-racer has won both the Golden Trail Series races he entered so far – Mont Blanc and the Dolomyths. He didn’t enter the first race, Zegama so hasn’t yet gone head-to-head with Jornet.

Lucy Murigi KEN is defending her title at this race and going for a hat trick of three wins in a row.

Ruth Scott NZ (Team Scott) is the Golden Trail Series points-leader and will no doubt be pushing for another podium finish.

Judith Wyder and Maude Mathys both SUI are also contenders who will hope to benefit from home-field advantage.

The field is deep on both the men’s and women’s sides. More athlete info can be found here: Star-Studded Field Converges at Sierre-Zinal Race

More Information

Sierre Zinal Race Website

Golden Trail Series Website

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