The FIFTY – Peak Obsession – A Fifty Project Short Film – with Jeremy Jones

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The FIFTY videos are not your typical ski bar background movie. Cody Townsend is in plenty of those but in this series he’s working on some type 2 fun while he tries to ski all 50 of the routes in the book “The Fifty Classic Ski Descents of North America”.

Instead of being dropped at the top of each ski line by a helicopter, Townsend hikes, bushwhacks, skins (uphill skiing with “skins” on your skis for grip), and bootpacks his way to the top of each one. That’s what puts this series on the Slipstream endurance inspiration recommendation list.

Skier or not you’ll appreciate the effort put in as Cody and snowboarding legend Jeremy Jones (who was already known for human-powered adventures in snowboarding) attempt to ascend and descend two intimidating peaks in Alaska. Plus the scenery is incredible.

First up “Meteorite”: a 5 mile hike in from the road to the base of the line, then ski and bootpack up 6,000ft, followed by ski/snowboard down and hike back out.

Then onto “Pontoon”: (45 miles from the road so they ride to the base in an airplane) but then a 3,650 bootpack up to the summit.

The climbs are astonishingly steep and exposed which means that falling is not a good idea. The effort is real and impressive and there’s something to be learned about moving safely through the mountains in each episode. It’s great to see pros making turnaround decisions and avalanche-danger assessments; and to see some of what goes into route planning and preparation.

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