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Billy Yang Films are beautifully shot and provide a fresh perspective on ultra trail running. Yang narrates and is the featured runner in the film. He explores the question of why anyone would run 100 miles and what happens when you do.

Recommended for a treadmill run when you want to be transported to stunning scenery and occupied with interesting thoughts about why we run.

In Billy Yang’s own words:

“Why do we run 100 miles?

It’s a question I get from friends and acquaintances quite often. And in the lower moments during these ultramarathon events if I’m honest, a question I direct inward too. Sure, on the surface you can cite self-improvement, challenging yourself, so on and so forth. But the longer I do this, the more I started to explore answers beyond the surface. How we relate to discomfort, uncertainty and pain. Do we have it too easy and thus, we’re drawn to the opposite end of the spectrum where we’re reduced to “survival” mode and drinking/eating/moving forward? Are we in our more natural state when this is what our world is reduced down to? Using the historic and legendary Leadville 100 Mile Race as my backdrop and with the support of GU Energy Labs, I explore these ideas as I ran my 3rd 100-mile race at the “Race Across the Sky”. Through the good, bad and the ugly – I attempted to unpack “the why” in running a 100 miles. My thanks again to them for the support!”

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