Two Eight Two: The Munros in 98 Days

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Highly recommended for a treadmill run, stair-stepper or elliptical, this is a beautiful self-produced documentary of an epic adventure: trying to hike all 282 of Scotland’s “Munros” (mountain peaks above 3,000′) in one summer.

Kevin Woods does a really impressive job hiking, filming, editing and telling his story. The physical effort and stunning scenery aside, this film is notable for the honest way he documents the mental ups and downs he goes through. Anyone who has ever set themselves a big challenge, be it a marathon, a summit attempt, a PB goal, can identify with what he goes through. Spoiler alert, it is uplifting not depressing.

The film shows off Scotland in all its wild and rugged glory. I’ve “bagged a Munro” myself and the mountains there are extraordinarily beautiful, if you are ever in Scotland be sure to bag one, or 282, yourself.

One note about munros: even though the elevation doesn’t sound huge (3,000 ft is the qualification summit height) the trailheads aren’t at elevation in the way they are in most ranges, many start right at sea level so if you are hiking a 4K’ munro you are likely going to hike all 4K of elevation. For comparison the trailhead for Gray’s Peak, one of the famous Colorado 14ers, is at an elevation of 11,280′ and the peak is at 14,270′ so you are climbing a total of 3,600′ which is comparable to climbing a munro except for the reduced oxygen.

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